Bruce Banner OG Grow Notes

Bruce Banner OG

This pheno of Bruce Banner was found in a 12 pack of regulars sourced from Elev8 Seeds. She was germinated in a Pro-mix/high perlite blend. Once rooted she was rinsed and has spent her whole life in the water. She was in an aero-cloner for pre veg and her 18hr cycle was 5 weeks under T5 LED’s. The long veg time is a result of being in a perpetual harvest rotation. When her 18hr cycle was finished we shot-gunned her and went dark for 36hrs. Her flower time was 70 days with 600 watt horts. We ran a Green Planet base and used Green Planet and Advanced Nutrients supplements. Her flowering time was spent in a re-circulating deep water culture system. Big flow. Big air. Big yields. She was a pleasure to grow and behaved herself from day one.

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