2020 Hempfest Calgary Cannabis Cup

Lilac Diesel Grape Diamonds wins three top 10 awards

Our Lilac Diesel Grape Diamonds scored well with the judges and in the lab:

  • 1st Place Winner Judges Choice
  • 1st Place Winner Best Hybrid
  • 2nd Place Highest THC 27.27%


Total THC 25.26%
Total THC-A 27.27%
Total CBD 0%

Sour Banana Sherbet wins for Highest THC

Total THC 30.13%
Total THC-A 32.85%
Total CBD 0%

3rd in Highest THC: Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies

Total THC 23.97%
Total THC-A 25.04%
Total CBD 0%

3rd Place Top Female Grower (Purple Dawg)

Total THC 14.11%
Total THC-A 15.09%
Total CBD 0%

3rd & 4th in Best Sativa

Total THC 17.05%
Total THC-A 17.60%
Total CBD 0%
Total THC 12.77%
Total THC-A 12.89%
Total CBD 0%

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