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Calgary Hempfest Cannabis Cup

1st Place Winner Judges Choice,
1st Place Winner Best Hybrid,
2nd Place Highest THC 27.27%

Learn Hydroponics from the Professionals.

Learning to grow your own cannabis is great choice to make, it is a great responsibility and requires a good understanding of todays rapidly growing hydroponics technologies.

At Watertek Hydro, we have not only kept up with the newest techniques but we were some of the pioneers of what we call Hydroponics today. Over 20 years of experience we were reaping the rewards of Hydroponic Growing while others were still messing around in dirt.

Teaching you how to grow your own cannabis whether it be for a 4 Plant Recreational, Medicinal Permits, or Micro Grow Permits, we have the expertise and resources to maximize your growth potential. 

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Medicinal Growers

We can optimize your space for you to grow your medicinal cannabis safely. We can set you up with the right equipment for you to get the most out of each plant on your permit.

Recreational Growers

Our consultation program will teach you everything you need to know. About Growing, Harvesting, & Trouble shooting anything you can encounter on your Hydro Project.

Micro Grow

Got your Micro Grow License? Our 1 Year Consultation Program will get you producing reliable crops, and passing inspections. We will guide you throughout your first year of growing.

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2020 Calgary Cannabis Cup

Lilac Diesel Grape Diamonds: First Place 2020 Judges Favorite At the 2019 Calgary Hempfest Cannabis Cup Watertek Hydroponic Consulting Won 1st place for Judges Favorite

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2019 Calgary Cannabis Cup

Bruce Banner: First Place 2019 Judges Favorite At the 2019 Calgary Hempfest Cannabis Cup Watertek Hydroponic Consulting Won 1st place for Judges Favorite for their

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Bruce Banner Grow Notes

This pheno of Bruce Banner was found in a 12 pack of regulars sourced from Elev8 Seeds. She was germinated in a Pro-mix/high perlite blend.

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Watertek is a small company based out of Okotoks, Alberta. At Watertek we have a desire to change perspectives on cannabis and cannabis growing. Our main focus is going to be centered around customer service, knowledge and reliability. To ensure that we provide a high level of customer service we will be taking on a limited number of “Grow Like A Pro” clients.

At Watertek we truly believe that hydroponic growing is the grow method of the future. We also believe that with the right knowledge and training, that just about anyone can be a successful hydroponic gardener.

Give grow power to the people!
Peace and Love.

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